Monday, November 19, 2012

My New Mommie an Mes

Hair ~ [e] Again - Blonde 02 ~ [elikatira]
Outfit ~ [PS] Toddlee Britain - Pink ~ Petite Silhouette

   Hey everyone hope your winter has been good so far, I am so excited today as my long time auntie has agreed to adopt me and make me her daughter *yay* it can be very challenging to find that perfect family, I am so lucky that the one I trust so much has taken me completely under her wing *giggles*. I took this pic of her holding me with the new outfit that she bought mes woot I is all ready for winter, ice skating, snowman making, snow angels and sleds, ohhh and we can't forget da pretty lights, decorations and all da comes wif christmas *giggles* dis is a great year. :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Star Struck Hunt

Hair ~ A&A Susie Hair 10 ~ Alli&Ali Designs
Outfit ~ *Oh Daisies* StarStruck 2012 ~  *Oh Daisies* 
Pose ~ :*BABY PRINCESS*: a princess-pose-2 ~ .+*{ BABY PRINCESS }*+. Kids & Baby Little Girls *+.

   Hey everyone, I hope you had an awesomesauce halloween filled wif lots of candies *giggles*
   Now that halloween is over but christmas is not quiet here yet, you are probably wonder what you can do to pass that time, well there are several things you can do, many sims like Oh Daisies have converted over to a winter theme were you can skate and stuff but if you are looking for something more then why not try this months hunt.
   Star Struck Hunt runs from Nov. 1 to Nov. 30 and is based gussed it Hollywood & Movies & all the hunt items are made to fit this awesome theme.
Start Sim is.... SSH !START! ~*Buglets*~ (New)
The group to join should you need help is.... Duchess Kid Hunt Group
There is also a blog to provide extra help...... ....unfortunately at the time of this post the blog was not updated for this hunt :(
   I had tons of fun doing this hunt and the gifts always.. the creators did wicked jobs on there gifts making this another hunt that is definately worth the time.
   Have fun and happy hunting ㋡

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Halloween is Coming


(This Image Has Been Lighten Up For Better Viewing Of The Outfit)

Pose ~ :>Inner Peace<: Animation Samples Pack-Cute Stand 1 ~ :>Inner Peace<:
Hair ~ A&A Susie Hair 10 ~ Alli&Ali Designs
Outfit ~ SC. Trick or Treat Outfit (Something Cute's Halloween Sim Hunt Gift) ~ .:Somthing Cute:.
Toy ~ ~QT Pies~ Halloween Sim Hunt Gift ~ ~QT Pies~
   Hey everyone, we all know what Oct has to offer, dressing up, decorating and of course CANDY, *giggles* halloween is fast approaching, but don't worry you still have time to get your halloween outfit all planned and ready to go. Need a little planning help, there is several hunts going on this month that have awesome items.
   Today I am going to talk about the hunt at the Children's Place Mall (Oh Daisies Sim), the hunt is called, Halloween Sim Hunt it runs from Oct 5 to Oct 31 midnight, many of the stores are involved and the sim has been decoated to fit the season oh and let me just say the decorations are incredible, with ghosts that pop up at random, all the creepy sounds and the enviroment settings made to make the place look and feel scary it is sooo worth taking a moment to investigate (definately allow the enviroment settings for this). The main hunt sign is located in the very center on a huge creepy looking tree *giggles* on the sign it shows you what the object is that you are seeking, which makes finding it a little easier, I had a blast doing the hunt and the items were just awesome as you can see from the pic above, which if you look closely you can see some of the sim behind me.
   Have fun, enjoy the sim with family an friends and happy hunting ㋡

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Long Time, No Post

Outfit ~ :>Inner Peace<: Pumpkinette ~ Inner Peace
Hair ~  [e] Wave - Blonde 02 ~ [elikatira]
Pose ~ Heirloom. Freinds Forever Bear 3 ~ LM-Heirloom ~ MP-Heirloom
Picture done by myself
~Shape ~ *oh Daisies* Chelsea Shape (ALTERED) ~ *Oh Daisies*
~Skin ~ *Oh Daisie* Rissie Skin YabuLoonies ~ *Oh Daisies*
~Body ~ **Cute Bytes** ToddleeDoo v.2.0 - BabyGirl ~ **Cute Bytes**
~Eyes~ magic eyes (blue) ~ * Larnia Kids * ~
~Elf Ears ~ [bubble] Small & Simple Pierced Elf Ears ~ LM - [bubble] ..... MP - Small & Simple Pierced Elf Ears
~Binky(pacifier) ~**Cute Bytes** MyOwnPacifier - LIMITED50 - no longer available but **Cute Bytes** has plenty more to choose from.

   Hey everyone sorry I have not posted in awhile RL has been very busy and still is but I thought I would stop in real quick, say hi and talk about my new look.
   I finally took the leap to mesh and have updated to a mesh av, that's right time to step into the future *giggles*.
   I choose to go with the new ToddleeDoo by Bit mcmillan, I love the fact that now I have that small toddler/baby like body without having to wear all those combersome alphas to hide a body that was massively squished *giggles* or a hud to shrink me down, the less scripts I have to wear the better. The nice thing with the toddleedoo is that only the body is mesh allowing you to keep your own head using your choice of skin and shape, now some ppl find that the head is to big for the body but I found with a little time and patients I was able to balance myself out quiet well.
   I have found tons of stores that cater to this awesome new av making shopping fairly easy and with the body being mesh instead of squished we are now able to were pants, finally we have butts *giggles*  some of the cutest outfits are the mesh sweater oufits omg soooo cute I will some time this week  demo one for you all as I now have several. Today I am gonna use my new profile pic to show off the look I have put together :)
   If you look to the left under My Avatar you will find all the things that I wear all the time, things that will not change or change very little for example my binky I always have it and it never comes off unless I get one with an outfit *giggles* seeing as this is the first time I am talking about my new look I decided to add all the info under the pic above :)
   If you are thinking about making the move to a mesh av kid then this is definately the one I recommend, the price is incredible for all you get and the support and advertizing groups are amazing and with the ability to make your face your own this is sooooo worth it, on top of that this is a great av for all those little boys out there, with more shopping options opening up boys will finally be able to look good in a multitude of outfit making there SL RP far more enjoyable.
    I hope you have as much fun as I do with it. Until next time keep a smile on your face so no one knows what sneaky things are crossing your mind *giggles*

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Limited50 Comes to an End

Limited50 Cycle 3

    Hello all, I have chosen not to talk about one piticular store or outfit today but rather an event. Limited50 is an event that is unique in it's own way, creators come together in one place with a special creations made just for this event. There is only 50 copies of the creation avaliable, once all 50 have been sold or when the event cycle ends the creation is gone for good never to be sold again. It has come to my attention that after only 3 awesome cycles that Limited50 will close on Jun 30, such a sadness for such an awesome event, thou it is said that it is possible that some of the creators may (no garentees) continue to do a limited50 item in their stores, which stores (if any) is unkown at this time.
    The pic aboves is of the current event which will end on Jun 30, there is many awesome things here, if you have a few min to spare I recommend stopping by to take a look before the items an event are no more.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

*AR* My New Job

    Hey everyone I hope you all have been enjoying SL9b this week, there is definately lots to see an much fun to be had.
    I wanted to put up today about my new job at *AR* Furniture & more, *AR* has the best furntiure out there for kids in my opinon, the quality is amazing an her animations are wonderful. There is furniture sets for girls and boys an for all sizes yabu, tiny tot an child, you can also get various single pieces like the new Bounce House which located at the style me event. *AR* also has complete av's they are to cute for words. be sure to stop into this little shop everything there is worth the time to see, an you never know maybe you will see me working an will send a hi my way giggles.

Here is 2 of *AR*'s new furniture sets
LEFT ~ LadyBug Nursery for yabu's
RIGHT ~ Princess Amber Nursery for yabu's
NOT SHOWN on the far right is Princess Nicole Tot Bedroom Set which looks simular to Princess Amber Nursery that is shown but is meant for tots.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

*AR* at SL9B

*AR* DayCare located at the SL9B event

    There is so much to see at the SL9B, one of the many kids places that I have found is the *AR* DayCare  for those tired legs of ours this is a great place to stop and rest, they have nap time cribs and mats inside even a change table for you moms to clean up your little ones.
    There is tons to play with jungle gyms the *AR* Bounce House which can currently be purchased at the Style Me event. The playground equipment is for all size child, tiny tots and yabu.
    If you should get hungry there is cotten cady, ice cream and ready for this a huge cake for us to eat, so be sure to take the time to make this a definate stop as you tour the wonderful SL9B grounds.
All the Sl9B links in todays blog will take you to the SL9B Welcome Area. If you should needs any assistance look for the greeters they are ultra friendly and will help you in anyway they can.

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